Emma Estrada

Emma’s introduction to Spanish dance began in the early 1990’s during her studies at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. After a few years Emma revisited the roots of Flamenco, training intensively at the prestigious Flamenco school Escuela Amor de Dios in Madrid under world renowned bailaores. Inspired by Flamenco’s beauty, she conceived and founded Fundación Centro Flamenco. Presently, she divides her time between Centro Flamenco and traveling to Spain where she continues to hone her craft and develop her personal style. In the Foundation's 10th year Emma explored a new facet of flamenco by writing and directing the original flamenco ballet "La Luna Roja". Through the Foundation's many shows and its annual recitals, where Emma takes the reigns as Artistic Director, Emma strives to continue breathing life into FCF's vision and keep flamenco fresh, alive and relevant to the next generation of dancers and a new audience.

Cecile de Joya

Cecile started ballet way back in primary school and on to college under the tutelage of Totoy Oteyza, Cora Guerrero-Iñigo, Ricardo Cassell, and Leonor Orosa-Goquinco. Also a founding member of the world-renowned Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company, Cecile had global exposure; and had the honor of sharing the awards that the dance troupe had garnered. Cecile's passion for dancing has led her to participate in diverse forms of the art such as jazz and Hawaiian and her continuing interest has ushered her into the dynamic and stimulating world of Flamenco. Her mentors include Señor Guillermo Gomez, Sylvia Nava, an Aztec-Mexican Indian; Perla Primicias, Jane Orendain, and Emma Estrada from whom she continues to take lessons. 

Mercedes Soler

Mercedes began studying flamenco at at FCF shortly after it was founded by Emma Estrada. She studied under FCF’s guest teacher, Clara Ramona then joined the Clara Ramona Dance Company and performed across the Philippines and in Asia. In 2012 she appeared as a flamenco dancer in the indie film “In Nomine Matris.” She has workshopped with many flamenco artists such as Belen Maya, Pepa Molina and Ursula Lopez. She has also taken classes at the reknowned Amor de Dios in Madrid as well as at Carmen delas Cuevas in Granada and Juan Povillo in Sevilla. She returned to FCF in 2012 and is currently studying flamenco under Emma Estrada. She has also joined Grupo Nuevo Flamenco, FCF’s official performing group. 

Eda Bautista

Eda started her beginners class with Fundacion Centro Flamenco under the tutelage of Cecile de Joya in 2006 and in 2008 up to the present is being trained under the guidance of Emma Estrada. She took workshops  with Juan de los Reyes, Ursula Lopez and Pepa Molina. In 2011, she was invited to join Grupo Nuevo Flamenco and is presently a performing member of the group. She is now a member of the fundation centro flamenco faculty teaching beginner's classes.


Russell Wisden

 Russell had a unique talent for dancing even from a young age. From classical ballroom, folk dance, hip-hop, jazz and ballet, Russell first came to Centro Flamenco as a student in 2009 and soon thereafter made his first trip to Spain (Granada and Madrid) where he was touched by the theory and play of el duende. Inspired by his experiences Russell returned to the Philippines fired with a passion for flamenco dance and music. Participating in various local concerts and performances back with the Centro Flamenco, he is now an instructor in not only flamenco ritmo y tecnica but also guitar and the cajon.




Aejandro Alcaraz

Alejandro’s passion has always been Flamenco, borne out of his Spanish-gypsy roots in Granada, Spain. This passion compelled him to teach himself the guitar and he began playing at a very young age. By age sixteen he was playing flamenco music at La Flamenquita – a typical gypsy cave bar at Sacromonte, Granada. He also spent a lot of time giving back to the community, teaching young children to play the flamenco guitar. In 2013 he moved to the Philippines hoping to find others to share his love of flamenco music. In 2014 Emma Estrada invited him to join FCF where he now provides authentic flamenco guitar music for their dance classes. He also participates in performances for Grupo Nuevo Flamenco, FCF’s official performing group.