"As we celebrate our 12th year, it is rewarding to know that Centro Flamenco has kept true to its primary objective of laying the groundwork for aspiring professionals and artists in the Philippines, giving them the foundation and the necessary tools towards higher pursuit in the art of Flamenco." 


-Emma Estrada


Breathing flamenco in La Luna Roja
Working hard, feeling the moment....
Performance night!
And all together now!
Anja Echavez
Gia Ramos and Theresa McCombs
Alejandro Alcaraz
And the powerful play goes on....
Juan de los Reyes
Lessons by Emma Estrada
Passion and flamenco
Jameela Perez
Russell Wisden
Isabelle Ojea
In the thick of learning.....
Teaching moment....
Fiery flamenco
Practice, practice, practice!
Theresa McCombs
Gravitas... the essence of flamenco
The joys of flamenco!
Passion and intensity!
And... let's take a short break!
Lost in the moment
Cuna de Mimbre - Pedro Soler
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