Can anyone be a flamenco dancer or do I need special training?


Not having a dance backround will not be a problem at all! Flamenco requirest a different skill set than ballet or jazz and the beginner classes are specifically tailored to teach the new student the basics of flamenco. All you need is fire in your belly and the eagerness to learn.

Do I have to attend at the beginning of the class or can I just enroll anytime?


Classes are ongoing and students and you may join us at any time and enroll for as few or as many sessions as you wish. Beginner or Iniciacion classes are designed with the beginner in mind so these classes will always be tailored to the new student.

Are there any clothes or shoes in particular I need to bring to my first class?


For the first few classes what you wear shouldn't matter. However, we  suggest clothes that do not restrict your movement and allow your hips and knees to move freely. For shoes you may wear school shoes or shoes with a study heel (no rubber shoes please!). You will be lifting your foot up behind you from the knee so be sure to choose a shoe that won't fall off. Proper flamenco shoes are helpful in learning correct technique and protecting your feet, try out our classes and when you've fallen in love with the dance invest in a pair of flamenco shoes! Your teacher can point you in the right direction if you decide its time to invest in flamenco shoes.