Read the buzz on the the first original Philippine ballet: La Luna Roja, heading to Malaga, Spain in July 2020!
“Emma Estrada’s La Luna Roja is a compelling demonstration of how flamenco can convey a story of passion through passion. It doesn’t ache with canned emotion and it doesn’t ride on the wheels of a worn-out story.  With Estrada’s choreography, La Luna Roja makes it seem that flamenco isn’t just the performance of a feeling — but feeling itself — fleshed out, made bare, and served raw. Then there’s the ballet element that balances it out and gives it poetry. It’s both fire and ice, release and restraint — the way passion, we’d argue, always is.”
- Pristine L. de Leon 
(The Philippine Star)
“Martos likens Jamil to his role of Don Jose in “Carmen”: “He’s a similar character — someone innocent, trusting, he goes through all the bumps of life, and I imagine that the role of Jamil will end up more or less that way. He enters a place, sees it’s a beautiful, marvelous place, and he trusts it, innocently falling in love with somebody and it ends in tragedy.”
Culture Vulture by Therese Jamora-Garceau 
  (The Philippine Star)
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“In "La Luna Roja," Estrada marries the storytelling of the ballet art form with the “outpouring of emotion” that flamenco performances are known for. While there have been adaptations of some of the more popular stories (such as Carmen and Amor Brujo) as both traditional ballets and flamenco performances, this is an original work created for this ballet. 
“I choreographed 'La Luna Roja' to channel the vortex of raw emotions into a story. I wanted to bond the traditional storytelling style of ballet with the captivating and powerful emotions of flamenco,” she explained. ”
- Em P. Guevara 
(ABS CBN News)