Cecile started ballet way back in primary school and on to college under the tutelage of Totoy Oteyza, Cora Guerrero-Iñigo, Ricardo Cassell, and Leonor Orosa-Goquinco. Also a founding member of the world-renowned Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company, Cecile had global exposure; and had the honor of sharing the awards that the dance troupe had garnered. Cecile's passion for dancing has led her to participate in diverse forms of the art such as jazz and Hawaiian and her continuing interest has ushered her into the dynamic and stimulating world of Flamenco. Her mentors include Señor Guillermo Gomez, Sylvia Nava, an Aztec-Mexican Indian; Perla Primicias, Jane Orendain, and Emma Estrada from whom she continues to take lessons.