Keenly aware of the close historical bond between Spain and the Philippines, considering the 400 years of Spanish colonization, the Fundacion Centro Flamenco aspires to celebrate the rich heritage gained from this relationship by creating a Center where teachers and musicians of Spanish music and dance can share and promote the culture. It endeavors to preserve and enhance the Spanish heritage of the Filipinos gained from their relationship with Spain; celebrating these artistic influences in each performance and demonstrating the unity in the mixture of artistic tendencies between the two countries.


The Fundacion Centro Flamenco also encompasses boundaries between cultures and traditions and aims to keep pace with the present trend of Flamenco, allowing innovative styles in the dances and their interpretations without losing touch with tradition and the captivating soul of Flamenco. It opens its doors to foreign professors and established artists of Flamenco to share and give workshops at the Center, encouraging interaction among local and foreign teachers and students.


It has been 20 years since we opened our doors in 2002.  As we celebrate our 20th year, it is rewarding to know that Centro Flamenco has kept true to its primary objective of laying the groundwork for aspiring professionals and artists in the Philippines, giving them the foundation and the necessary tools towards higher pursuit in the art of Flamenco.

Ma.Emma Estrada


President 2002-2022